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With turnkey energy drink formulas ready for market, we can get any brand started with minimal costs. We run this product monthly. This makes scheduling, budgeting and keeping inventory levels up a breeze. Our energy drink minimums are scaled to help the smaller retail chains and distributors, just as well as the big box chains.

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The Bottles
We offer private label energy drinks in 8.4oz, 12oz & 16oz aluminum cans. They are packaged 24 cans per case, but packaging can be changed depending on order volumes.


The Programs

We have 2 programs for energy drink customers. For smaller volumes (as low as 1-Pallet, 160 cases) we use shrink sleeves that can deliver a high gloss finish for any brand, that fit snugly around the entire can surface. For larger orders (2,000 cases or more) we can offer direct print onto the aluminum cans.


The Formulas
We use top notch energizing formulas that are comparable to the market leaders. Flavors are traditional, but can be modified on larger orders.


The Cans
All are made from aluminum. Depending on the order volume, the design and available cans sizes may vary. We do run the 8.4oz can frequently.


The Design
We supply the materials with your private label design, you supply the artwork. We can supply your designer with a template and instructions. Or you may choose to use our experienced and affordable in-house design team as well. They can create concepts, brands or just make modifications.


The Minimums
Private label product minimums start at 160 cases for sleeved cans, and 2,000 cases for direct print cans. The sleeved can program uses our turnkey formula in diet and sugar free versions, but can not be modified for orders below 2,000 cases.


The Lead Times
Private label products can be ordered in three to four weeks for shrink labels. Direct print cans may take six to eight weeks. Reorders can occur in about half these times frames, assuming there is packaging in stock.


Freight Specifics

All private label beverages are FOB plant. For weight and measures click here.

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